The State of the Supply Chain Union

For the past few years, we have written a Supply Chain State of the Union or yearly outlook and published it in our blog. We are late in doing so this year simply because we were not exactly sure what opportunities and issues to focus on. We are sure now. The focus for this year is simply: Process Improvement

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Latest Manufacturing Headlines and the PMI

The New York Times published an article in the February 3rd 2014 New York Times: Markets Sink as Manufactuirng Data Weighs on Investors. Stocks on Wall Street slumped on Monday, with the S.&P. 500-stock index hitting its lowest level since October, after weaker-than-expected data on the American factory sector provided investors with the latest reason to book profits. The United States manufacturing sector grew at a slower pace in January as new order growth plunged by the most in 33 years, while spending on construction projects barely rose in December.

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Leadership and Trust

There was a brilliant article in Forbes dated December 9, 2013: 7 Reasons Employees Don't Trust Their Leaders. Glenn Llopis authored this article and captured, very nicely, topics that we have discussed in this blog, in bits and pieces, over the years. It is worth reading the article. Here are his 7 Reasons and our perspective on them:

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"Say... Look what THEY'RE doing."

Gary Larson is one smart fellow. We have always liked his cartoons and used them in various training sessions and presentations. His cartoons are very funny and full of insights. This combination is why we believe that Gary Larson is a comic genius.

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Firing a Customer - Part 2

Our friend Khatchig Jingirian fired a customer. It happens more than most people probably believe. It definitely happens with larger corporations more than most people probably believe. Two examples come to mind from the clothing industry. Not only from the clothing industry but from two companies that are best known for men's pants: Levi's and Bill's Khakis.

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