Training and Education

A core value of CR Supply Chain Consulting is to teach our clients what they need to more effectively manage their supply chains.  Sustainable Improvements come from teams that understand the process, has the proper measures in place, are customer focused, and that are knowledgeable in the principles, tools, and techniques of lean and process improvement.  CR Supply Consulting has the courses and the engaging and expert delivery that will energize and enable your teams. 

Each of our courses can be presented in a variety of lengths for different audiences. 

  • One hour executive overviews
  • 2-4 hour short courses
  • 1-2 day courses that can be taught all at once or in two hour increments over a few weeks.

The CR Supply Chain Consulting approach to training is Teach - Do.  If we are training teams, there is a need to have a process improvement, problem solving, or other objective assigned to them by management.  We teach and then do, so that when the team has completed the training, they are done with the first phase of what they have been tasked to do.  We can and often do provide facilitation support for teams.

Seminar and Training Offerings

  • Supply Chain Physics
    • CR Supply Chain Consulting developed this conceptual way of looking at the Supply Chain from the perspective of multi-criteria optimization.  We use Supply Chain Physics seminars to all functions in the company to understand the real limits and trade-offs that comprise Supply Chain management.  
  • The A3 Process Improvement Process
    • There is a market need. Small companies want and need something like Six Sigma but without the cost and manpower infra-structure.  Simply, they cannot afford that infra-structure.  We have developed a simple problem solving and process improvement tool that requires less training and less structure.  
  • Quality Management
    • The heritage of CR Supply Chain Consulting is rooted in Quality Management.  We can present short courses in Statistics and Statistical Thinking, Reliability Engineering, Design of Experiments, Quality Control, Supplier Quality Management, and Quality Function Deployment.
  • Inventory Measurement and Management
    • To support our consulting work in Inventory Optimization and Sales and Operations Planning, we have training materials and courses that can also presented independently.
  • Custom Courses
    • If you have a training need in any realm of Supply Chain Management, we can and will develop a seminar or training event specifically for your company.    We have extensive experience in course development and delivery at the corporate level.  We have years of adjunct faculty experience at the undergraduate and graduate level at several local colleges and universities.  We can put together a course or seminar to fit your needs.